2017 (1396)

The Salesman (by Asghar Farhadi) wins the Academy award for best foregin language film. In protest of the executive order signed by President Trump, which prohibits the enterance of citizens from seven Muslim countries...

2012 (1391)

A Separation (By Asghar Farhadi) wins the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, for the first time in the history of Iranian Cinema.

2011 (1390)

A Separation (by Asghar Farhadi), receives three awards at Berlinale Film Festival: the Golden Bear for Best Picture, the Silver Bears for Best Actor and Best Actress.

2003 (1382)

For the first time, the 14th Rennes Film Festival in France, dedicates a special program to Tehran and screens 103 movies.

2002 (1381)

Cannes Film Festival name Abbas Kiarostami and Martin Scorsese as the heads of the Cinefondation . The main purpose of this section is to discover young talents .

2001 (1380)

Two Iranian movies, Kandahar (by Mohsen Makhmalbaf) and Baran (by Majid Majidi), are nominated for the 'Best Non-European Movie' Award at the European Film Academy.

1998 (1377)

On January 2, 1998 Time magazine selects Abbas Kiarostami's Taste of Cherry as the best movie of 1997.

1997 (1376)

Taste of Cherry (by Abbas Kiarostami) is awarded the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

1995 (1374)

- Abbas Kiarostami receives the "Pier Paolo Pasolini" Award.

1994 (1373)

The French company CIBY 2000 obtains the rights for the international distribution of Through the Olive Trees (by Abbas Kiarostami).

1991 (1370)

Bashu, the Little Stranger (by Bahram Beyzai) is released in selected movie theaters in France.

1990 (1369)

The 'House of Cinema' (Khaneh Cinema) is established and starts its activities .

1988 (1367)

Captain Khorshid (by Nasser Taghvaie) wins the Silver Leopard of Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland.

1985 (1364)

The Runner (by Amir Naderi) receives the Grand prize of Nantes Three Continents Film Festival in France.

1984 (1363)

To promote and support Iranian national film industry, 'Farabi Cinema Foundation' is established and Seyyed Mohammad Beheshti is apointed as the Managing Director.

1983 (1362)

The first 'Fajr International Film Festival' is held in Tehran.

1982 (1361)

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami is appointed as the Minister of Culture.

1979 (1358)

Upon his return to Iran, in his speech at Tehran's cemetery , Imam Khomeini declares: "We do not oppose cinema, we oppose depravity."

1978 (1357)

The Iranian Young Cinema Society starts its activity.

1977 (1356)

- In this year, 964 foreign films are screened: 321 American films, 111 Italian and 106 French movies are screened at Iranian film theaters. - The Cycle (by Dariush Mehrjui) is announced as the representative of...

1976 (1355)

The number of the movie theaters in Iran is estimated about 428, of which 112 are located in Tehran. 48 million people go to the movies in Tehran, and 76% of them are between 15 and 30 years old.

1974 (1353)

The German TV obtains the rights of A Simple Event (Sohrab Shahid-Saless).

1973 (1352)

The first Young Asian Filmmakers Festival is held in Shiraz.

1972 (1351)

The first Tehran International Film Festival is held from April 16 to 26, 1972.

1971 (1350)

Subah-O-Shaam (by Tapi Chanakya) the first Indo-Iranian co-production film is screened.

1970 (1349)

The first Iranian film festival is held by "General Department of Cinema Affairs" in Tehran.

1969 (1348)

The cinema center of "Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults" is inagurated.

1967 (1346)

The American Paramount Company undertakes the worldwide distribution of the Iranian film " Hashem Khan" directed by Mohammad Zarrin Dast and produced by Moulin Rouge Studio.

1966 (1345)

The first international Children and Youth's Film Festival is held in Tehran.

1964 (1343)

Night of the Hunchback (by Farokh Ghafari) is screened in the cinemateques of France, England, Belgium, Switzerland and also in the Swiss Locarno Film Festival.

1963 (1342)

The House Is Black (by Forough Farrokhzad, 1962) receives the Best Film Award at the Oberhausen Film Festival in Germany.

1961 (1340)

The documentary film A Fire by Ebrahim Golestan wins in 1959 the Mercury Golden Prize and also the Golden Lion prize in Venice Film Festival in Italy.

1958 (1337)

The movie A Party in Hell by Mushegh Sarvari and Samuel Khachikian is screened in Berlin Film Festival as a guest film from Iran.

1955 (1334)

The Supreme Commission of Censorship for Iranian and foreign historical films is established by the Prime Minister.

1954 (1333)

The ranking bylaw of movie theatres is approved and Tehran movie theatres are respectively classified as rank 1, 2 and 3 .

1953 (1332)

Whirlpool by Hassan Kheradmand is shot as the first Iranian color film in 16 mm by an Oricom camera . Since there is no color film lab in Iran, the film is sent to the United States to be developed and printed using E...

1951 (1330)

Ashamed by Esmaeil Koushan is presented in the First Mumbai Film Festival in India, as the first Iranian film ever participating in an international film festival.

1948 (1327)

For the first time, "Keihan" newspaper is publishing a film critic.

1946 (1325)

The French movie Runaway Girl (by Henry De Cohen, 1944), the first film dubbed in Persian by Dr. Esmaeil Koushan is screened in the "Crystal" movie theater, and during six weeks of screening, achieves more than 2 milli...

1936 (1315)

The number of movie theaters in Tehran and other cities is increasing, so that the first regulation for movie theaters is edited in 71 articles and approved by cabinet ministers.

1935 (1314)

Installing a movie projector in Dar ul-Funun school, the ministry of education declares cinema as an educational tool.

1933 (1312)

The first Iranian sound film Lor Girl, directed by Abdolhossein Sepanta, is shown at 'Mayak cinema' in Tehran. The movie is produced by the Imperial Film Company in Bombay.

1931 (1310)

The first Iranian fiction film Abi va Rabi, directed by Ovanes Ohanian is screened in Mayak film theater in Tehran.

1930 (1309)

In August, Iran's first film magazine, called Cinema and Shows is published with 48 pages, and the price of 3 Rials (20 pence).

1929 (1308)

The first film studios are established in Iran, 'Perse Film' by Ovanes Ohanian and 'Jahan Fa' by Ebrahim Moradi.

1928 (1307)

San'ati Cinema', the first movie theater for ladies, is opened up by Khan Baba Motazedi and Dr. Ali-Naqi Vaziri at Tehran's Music School.The ticket price is 2, 3 and 5 qirans (19.2, 28.8 and 48 pence).

1927 (1306)

Iranian King and Armenian Lady written by Zabih Behrouz is published as first Iranian screenplay by "Faroos Publihsing House" in Tehran. It is in octavo format, 58 pages and costs 4 qirans (39 pence).

1926 (1305)

Khaspush (by Amo Bek-Nazaryan) is screened in Soviet Union as the first movie in the world whose plot is about Iran (the Iranian Tobacco Protest).

1925 (1304)

Between 1925 to 1931, Khan Baba Motazedi is the only Iranian cameraman who shoots some silent news reels.

1924 (1303)

The first modern movie theater, called "Grand Cinema" is opened by Ali Vakili in Tehran's Grand Hotel.

1919 (1298)

Haj Yahya Shirazi Firoozi opens up the first movie theater in Bushehr, known as "Haj Yahya, the Photographer's Cinema" among people. Upon a year, the movie theater gets closed due to opposing objections .

1909 (1288)

In 1909, Russi Khan chooses for the first time Persian titles for the movies he screens at 'Faroos cinema'. He also shoots the mourning ceremonies of 'Muharram' in Tehran.

1908 (1287)

Russi Khan builds some cinema halls in Tehran, “one in the upper floor of 'Faroos publishing house', the other in the 'Qavam-od-Doleh' bazar.The tickets cost 2, 3 and 5 qirans (19.2, 28.8 and 48 pence).He opens another...

1900 (1279)

To visit Paris International Fair, the Iranian king Mozaffar ad-Din Shah starts his first European trip . “Around the evening" he writes, "I ordered the royal photographer to have the ‘cinematograph’ and the ‘magic lante...