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Javid falls in love with Mahya at the first sight. What has attracted Javid is Mayha’s calmness and modesty and the peace in her beautiful face. However, later on, Javid notices a sorrow in Mayha’s face and a hidden sense of grief in her look. With all of his attention, subtlety and curiosity, Javid is unable to find the reason behind Mayha’s sorrow. When Mayha does not show any reaction to Javid’s proposal, he becomes even more curious. Javid comes to the conclusion that Mayha’s indifference is definitely related to her sorrowful eyes and her family’s life. Mayha studies medicine at the university; however, due to some severe financial problems, she is forced to keep on her family’s tradition, which is washing dead bodies in a mortuary. In fact, doing this job is what has separated Mayha from the rest and obviously has affected her spirit and behavior. As a result, she is unable to answer Javid’s proposal, which is a dream for other girls. Nevertheless, Javid, being deeply in love and fascinated by Mahya, tries to find out his beloved's secret and remove the obstacles. During his endeavors, Javid is morally changed; he reaches a new understanding and consequently his attitude towards death is changed. Finally, Javid, forgetting about the vain dogmatism, gains a happy ending with his beloved.

Mahya [promotional] Mahya [promotional] Mahya [promotional] Mahya [promotional]
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Akbar Khajooei,


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