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Shahab Salek is an affluent middle-aged lawyer, who is also a capricious man. His last prey is a young girl, named Maryam. This time in order to get what he wants, he proposes Maryam. At first, her strict father, being entangled with some financial problems in the office, rejects him; however, on the basis of his subsequent inquiries, he consents to their engagement. Following the engagement, Shahab gives financial supports to Maryam’s father. Yet, Maryam is not willing to marry Shahab. Shahab meets her frequently and one day, Mayam tells him that she is pregnant with his child. In order to keep quiet and not to tell others about this pregnancy, Maryam asks him for a large sum of money. Shahab, knowing that this is impossible, refuses. Then, Maryam wants him to get out of her life. Shahab, while being emotionally overwhelmed, manages to sue Maryam and her family through the help of a business associate. In the court, it becomes known that Maryam’s family, following her mother’s plan, were going to extort money from Shahab. Also, Maryam is actually in love with another guy, named Mohsen. Maryam’s family are convicted; however, Shahab, as he has undergone some changes now, forgives them.

Bambolana [promotional] Bambolana [promotional] Bambolana [promotional] Bambolana [promotional]
Persian Title:

عروسک فرنگی

English Title:


Persian Title in English:

Arousake Farangi


Farhad Saba,




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