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Tardast is a hilarious comedy about theft, a mother's ghost, love and jeolousy. Asad, a petty thief of hubcaps, decides to earn more money from stealing. To do so, he starts car theft however, his mom is totally against all this and is mortified to find her son a car thief. He finds a man called Hadizadeh, wounded and injured, in the car boot of the first car he robs. Hadizadeh, who owns a reputable meat products company, is firm in his decision to find his kidnapper. He needs his legal documents and money, and to get them, he sends Asad to fetch them. To do so, when Asad goes to Hadizadeh's place, he is imprisoned by Hadizadeh's daughter, Dokhi. Now, quite miraculously, Asad's mother's ghost pops up. She has come to Asad's help in fact. The mother's ghost arranges by magic for Dokhi and her father to meet together. Asad is finally released from Dokhi's prison. Hadizadeh, who is still looking for his kidnapper, is suspicious of everyone, even his family and relatives. Hadizadeh can finally meet his kidnapper after many schemes and plans. The kidnapper proves to be his life long enemy and rival. He is blind and owns a meats products factory too, and has always been jealous of Hadizadeh's wealth and success. When Hadizadeh returns to his company and does not tell anybody that he was kidnapped, everybody seems happy and content to see him back. Choopanzadeh, the rival and kidnapper, has a son named Kambiz who is passionately in love with Dokhi and would like to marry her. On his second scheme to find his kidnapper, Hadizadeh makes everyone believe that an English gentleman is coming to visit his company to sign highly profitable contracts. Hadizadeh is doing so to arouse his enemy's jealousy in order to find out who his rival is. With Dokhi's assistance, Asad disguises as an English gentleman called Mr. Angelian and hides in a hotel room and is guided by his mother's ghost. Choopanzadeh and his son Kambiz try hard to poach the so-called English gentleman, but their efforts come to no avail. Discontent and agitated, Choopanzadeh and Kambiz kidnap the English gentleman (Asad). Asad's mother's ghost informs Dokhi and Asad of the plan and Asad manages to run away but they get their hands on Dokhi and kidnap her. Asad's mother's ghost and Asad help to release Dokhi. When Asad is trying to release Dokhi, he dies and his ghost (comically) joins his mom. They both start stealing hubcaps in the other world.

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Mohammadali Sajadi,



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