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On a stormy night in a city in Northern Iran, three masked robbers (Sahand, Foroozandeh, and Mohsen) enter into Kazem’s house who is an engineer. There, Foroozandeh remembers an old secret, and this makes her upset, so that she even forgets why they had entered to that villa. Being enraged, she shoots at Kazem and injures him. Then, Sahand and Mohsen help Foroozandeh to recover herself; they take the stolen money and jewelries, and get away from there. On the next day, they go to Reza Maroufi, an old retired gangster. Maroufi is not as active as he used to be, as his wife has divorced him and his daughter is being hospitalized in an asylum. Nevertheless, he has preserved his power and assertiveness. Reza gives Mohsen and Foroozandeh two passports provided by Jalal. By receiving their passports, Mohsen and Foroozandeh set off for the border to leave the country. Some years ago, they had gone abroad to study; however, soon having been trapped by criminals, they turned to robbery and murder. Maroufi, accompanied by Sahand, leaves for Tehran. Sahand is an educated youngster. He had escaped to north of Iran to marry his beloved; however, as the girl is drowned in the sea, Sahand forgets his life's purposes and renders himself to the illegal acts. Soon after arriving in Tehran, Maroufi and Sahand find Foroozandeh at the doorway of the house, while she has been injured. Foroozandeh informs them about the fakeness of the passports they have received; also she tells them that Mohsen supposed that someone wanted them to be incriminated. Having been enraged by this though, despite Foroozandeh’s oppositions, Mohsen has taken all the money with himself and has beaten, then abandoned her. Mohsen goes to Had-e-Misagh, the head of the gang. After getting killed someone for him, Mohsen receives his permission for killing Jalal. Later on, he goes to the place (the exhibition) where they have hidden the money and the jewelries. There, he finds Maroufi, Sahand, and Foroozandeh opposing him. Foroozandeh wants to kill him, but she cannot. As Mohsen points his gun at Foroozandeh, Maroufi shoots at him. Later, they find out that Mohsen’s gun was not even loaded, and in fact, he wanted himself to get killed. Maroufi, Sahand, and Foroozandeh take the money and the jewleries and get away, while Mohsen is lying dead on the ground.

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Masoud Kimiaei,


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