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In 1960s, Tehran, beginning from Rei, passing Alborz range and reaching the desert on the other side, is surrounded by its countrysides. People of the countrysides are poor with respect to those residing in the city, and need jobs in order to make a living. The nightmare of unemployment is a starting point for starving and wandering. Mokhtar is a forging worker who is gone unemployed due to the introduction of new technologies and the closure of his master's workshop. He has a wife and a three-year old girl, so he goes to some Persian Gulf states seeking a job. His wife, Khatoon, lives for a while through a supply they have and then sells some appliances to provide for their living. Bibi, Khatoon's mother, goes in different houses to work, and the money she earns is not sufficient for their costs. It has been a while that there is no news of Mokhtar until some day they are informed that Mokhtar is dead. Khatoon learns to live without her husband, so she begins to work in a sewing workshop. Marhab, a 25-year old young man who has come from the town to Tehran in search of a job, sees Khatoon and meets her. After a while, they get married hidden. Marhab is working in a truck repair workshop, but he is careless and not taking the responsibility; so he is fired. After a while, he decides to go to some Persian Gulf states in order to find a solution. Khatoon resists him and asks him to remain in Tehran, but she fails to convince him. There is a slim man in their neighborhood who has lost one of his legs. Marhab who has decided to go on a train that night, takes a nap in the coffee shop until the train arrives. The man with one leg is Mokhtar who has returned to his family but when he finds out about the truth, he refuses to go home. In the coffee shop, Mokhtar goes into a fight with the owner and is humiliated by him so he leaves there wandered and disappointed. Marhab also leaves the coffee shop to go on the train but he hears the frightening sound of the brakes. An accident has occurred and he goes to the railway. He sees one of the Mokhtar's sticks on the railway. The passengers come out of the train and gather in a ring. He goes through the crowd and finds a corpse under a blanket. The other stick is beside the blanket. Marhab picks it up. He puts down his bag and looks at Khatoon's house in which a light is on. He decides to remain.

It's Winter [promotional] It's Winter [promotional] It's Winter [promotional] It's Winter [poster]
Persian Title:

زمستان است

English Title:

It's Winter

Persian Title in English:

Zemestan Ast (Zemestan)


Rafi Pitts,




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It's Winter [promotional] It's Winter [promotional] It's Winter [promotional] It's Winter [poster]
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