The Charlatan 2005

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Hasan and Davod are two friends of old times who are living together. Hasan is continuously writing screenplays which are all about a dark and bitter space, so the producers do not want them. Hasan loves Mahshid who is the daughter of a wealthy family. Due to his financial situation, Hasan is humiliated by Mahshid's uncle who is taking care of her. Hasan who is upset about this condition, decides to write a screenplay favorite to the producers so he writes it and goes to a producer who has always rejected his screenplays. He begins reading his new screenplay to him: "There are two penniless friends (Hasan and Davod). One of them loves Mahshid who is a wealthy girl. Some criminals kidnap Mahshid and steal her expensive necklace, so Hasan and Davod ask for help from her uncle and try to pursue the criminals. After some events, Hasan finds a magic stick which provides for some unbelievable operations including changing them to a Superman, Tarzan and western cowboys. They save Mahshid and return her to the uncle. Mahshid is kidnapped once again, and Hasan and Davod who are trying to arrest the criminals, arrive at her uncle's garden and it is revealed that all the plots were planned by him. The criminals are arrested by police. Mahshid and Hasan use the magic stick and fly to happiness by the Solomon's rug." When he finishes reading the screenplay, the producer buys it enthusiastically so Hasan can be wealthy too.

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The Charlatan

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Arash Moayerian,



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