Poet of the Wastes 2005

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There is an employment exam in which some young men will be hired in the municipality as a sweeper. The young sweepers try a divination of the wastes in their free times so they can find about different homes through this. In the garbage bag of a sweeper there are some letter drafts of a young girl who has written to his brother regarding her situation. The sweeper likes poems so he has identified a poet and has become friend with him. He decides to use the drafts of the poet in the garbage and write some love stories to the girl and introduces himself as a poet writing all the poems. Once he makes an appointment with the girl, but the girl does not come. The young sweeper continues to write letters and eventually the girl comes to see him. But this time, the young sweeper does not introduce himself.

Persian Title:

شاعر زباله‌ها

English Title:

Poet of the Wastes

Persian Title in English:

Shaere Zobaleh-ha


Mohammad Ahmadi,

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