Runaway Bride 2005

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In his daughter’s wedding, Mr. Ghandizadeh notices that his son-in-law, Mahmoud, being followed by his first wife, will not show up. Therefore, to preserve his dignity, he orders his counselor to find anyone who wishes to perform the role of the groom over a night. Heshmat-Khan, his counselor, recommends his nephew, Amir, for this plan. For his recommendation, Heshmat has good reasons as well: firstly, by receiving the money from Mr. Ghandizadeh, Amir will be able to afford his marriage costs with Heshmat’s daughter, named Latifeh; secondly, after his daughter is married, Heshamt will also be able to marry the widow neighbor, Solmaz, for whom he has fallen for a while. Nevertheless, Amir has some other logical reasons for accepting this recommendation and he believes that by receiving his money, he will be able to rent a house for his parents and take them out of his uncle’s house; thereby, he himself will get rid of Latifeh, his pretentious cousin. Hence, everything goes on as it is planned for. Amir and Homa, Ghandizadeh’s daughter, attend the wedding and by the end of the party, pretending that they are going to a honeymoon, they leave there. The guests accompany them through the city streets. Finally, the bride and the groom set off for Mr. Ghandizade’s house as it was planned for them. But, on their way there, Homa fools Amir and he gets out of the car, then Homa takes the car and gets away to revenge Mahmoud. After that, Amir returns home without Homa and Ghandizadeh supposes that Amir has kidnapped his daughter to get more money. The debates between them finally lead to a fight. Heshmat intervenes and they make a deal; Amir will not receive his money till he finds and takes Ghandizadeh’s daughter back home. So Amir looks for Homa, and he finds her, while she is distressed and anxious. She begs Amir to help her in revenging Mahmoud. Amir finds Mahmoud, who is a low-minded and dishonorable man and conceives of everything just as tools for business and gaining more money. Amir then forces him to kneel in front of Homa and ask for her forgiveness. Moreover, as Amir and Homa were looking for Mahmoud, some affections have arisen between them. So this time they get married for real.

Runaway Bride [scene] Runaway Bride [behind the scenes] Runaway Bride [poster] Runaway Bride [poster]
Persian Title:

عروس فراری

English Title:

Runaway Bride

Persian Title in English:

Aroose Farari


Bahram Kazemi,




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Runaway Bride [poster] Runaway Bride [poster]

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Runaway Bride [scene] Runaway Bride [behind the scenes] Runaway Bride [poster] Runaway Bride [poster]
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