The Top of the Tower 2005

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Rezvani, the director of a housing cooperative, is demanded by the shareholders to fire Farid Sadri, the contractor and the supervisor of the high-rise towers construction project, who could not manage to bring the construction process to an end on the due time, and find someone else to substitute him. Meanwhile, Rezvani is struggling with a woman named Dr. Leila. She has the custody of her sister, Shima, with whom Rezvani’s son, Amir, is in love. Amir has proposed Shima for four times, but each time her sister has strongly rejected him. Rezvani, despite his own wish and only because of the shareholders’ insistence, has to find a replacement for Farid Sadri. Amir, being a friend of Farid, opposes his father. He believes in Farid and advocates him firmly… Rezvani, being already mad at his son, treats him harshly and insults him in front of his office, where a group of people have gathered. They start the debate on Amir’s marriage with Shima, and there, Amir’s father declares that he would not take any measures for his son’s marriage anymore. Amir, who has been insulted and has lost the hope of being with his love, goes to the highest point of one of the towers. He wants to throw himself down; however, others arrive and try to dissuade him from his intention. Rezvani also asks Farid to prevent Amir from committing suicide. Amir gives his father five days and says that he would stay there and would not come down unless his father makes Leila consent to their marriage. If his father could not manage the marriage, Amir will throw himself down from that tower. Under these conditions, the issue of finding a replacement for Farid is not considered as an important one anymore. Thereby, Farid cannot help but to get close to Shima’s strict sister. He has to convince her to consent to Amir and Shima’s marriage. So he starts visiting Dr. Leila over and over. Then, Farid, gradually and unknowingly, falls for Leila. His love overshadows the issue of Amir and Shima’s marriage. By getting close to the deadline, Leila notices Farid’s affections toward herself. Despite that, her earnest personality makes her send Farid away. In her solitude, Leila finds out that she has fallen for Farid as well, and Farid has made her notice her surrounding people more and socialize with them better. Therefore, Leila goes after Farid. By the end of the deadline, while Amir has withdrawn his intention and has come down from the tower, it is Farid and Leila who find their soul mates and get married to each other. Nevertheless, the state of Amir and Shima’s marriage is still unknown; although it seems that the two families are not as strict as they used to be toward their marriage. Meanwhile, the shareholders, having noticed the greedy dealers’ working approach, are no longer willing to replace Farid, and they want him to finish the construction of the towers.

The Top of the Tower [scene] The Top of the Tower [poster] The Top of the Tower [poster]
Persian Title:

نوک برج

English Title:

The Top of the Tower

Persian Title in English:

Noke Borj


Kioomars Pourahmad,




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The Top of the Tower [poster] The Top of the Tower [poster]

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The Top of the Tower [scene] The Top of the Tower [poster] The Top of the Tower [poster]
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