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Hasti has a daughter, named Tala, from his dead husband. She has recently married a young rich guy named Naser, who is a few years younger than herself. Hasti is happy that their lives have been put to order, but she soon finds out about Naser's mistrust. Soon, his state of mind brings dark and bitter days for Hasti. She stands his harassment for a while, but finally decides to go to court and file for divorce... With her uncle's recommendation, to keep the family together, she decides to leave her favorite profession, nursing. Her gentleness, patience and sacrifice don't make the situation better, and her sufferings continue. After a while, to build her future life, Hasti goes back to work as a nurse. Naser, who isn't ready to lose her, kidnaps Tala and asks Hasti to come visit him to take her daughter. Hasti, who has no other choice, goes to Naser's family house. With his sister's help, Naser gives Tala sleeping pills. He also attacks Hasti when she is not paying attention, and hits her in the head which makes her faint. They lock her up in the basement. When she wakes up, they ask her to sign a confession letter which says she has betrayed her husband. She refuses to do so, therefore Naser beats her up badly. When Monir sees his brother's misbehavior, she tries to stop him, but he beats her too. As he has completely lost his mental stability, he goes to prepare the means to set his wife and his sister on fire. Hasti uses this chance and takes Tala and runs to the street. She is so frightened and distressed that has an accident with a truck... Naser leaves the country immediately and goes to Turkey. When he finds out that Hasti has not used her right to divorce him in his absence, he comes back to Iran, unaware of her plans to take revenge. Naser goes to see Hasti and she pushes him off the stairs...

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Fereydoun Jeyrani,

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Asphyxia (2016)

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The Last Supper (2001)

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Season's Salad
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Leyla Sazegar is a poor girl who has turned to robbery in order to provide for her life and pay the expenses of her heart surgery. She meets a wealthy man named Hamid Doostdar. Hamid loves her, and Leyla considers him a...

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Director of Photography: Hossein Maleki,

To be a Star
To be a Star (2005)

Pooneh Golkar who is an actor of minor roles, wants to be a star. Her father is a theater actor of the old times who is paralyzed resting at home. She provides for a short but influential role playing by her father. When...

Run Time: 1h38' . Release: 2005

Categories: Feature,

Director: Fereydoun Jeyrani,

Cast: Ezzatollah Entezami, Andisheh Fooladvand, Amin Hayaei, Ahoo Kheradmand, Shiva Khonyagar,

Director of Photography: Mohammad Aladpoosh,

She is a Movie  Star
She is a Movie Star (2006)

Farzaneh Mashreghi is a famous movie star. In her recent movie, she is supposed to play the role of an addict woman, whose job is drug dealing in retail. To play the role, her makeup has rendered her unrecognizable. The...

Run Time: 1h16' . Release: 2006

Categories: Feature,

Director: Fereydoun Jeyrani,

Cast: Mohammad Ahmadi, Abbas Daghaghi, Reza Delavari, Andisheh Fooladvand, Amin Hayaei,

Director of Photography: Mohammad Aladpoosh,

Corrupted Hands
Corrupted Hands (1999)

Diba is a wedding organizer and Siamak is a cameraman for weddings. Although they are not a couple in love, they work together. Diba and Siamak have created a gang with Roya and Nader who have gotten married in spite of...

Run Time: 1h43' . Release: 1999

Categories: Feature,

Director: Sirus Alvand,

Cast: Alireza Abdoli, Mehrdad Afshar, Shahab Asgari, Sepideh Ashouri, Asal Badiei,

Director of Photography: Gholamreza Allahyari,