Hard Target 1998

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A group of eight warriors go to Majnoun island to clean a mine field. When they enter the passage, their mission is revealed to the enemy and Iraqi forces are sent to fight them. Although the warriors are surrounded by the enemy, they are determined to complete their mission, so one of them goes to inform the support base. He is arrested by the enemy and is tortured by them while the other warriors are fighting the enemy. In a long and breathtaking battle, they eventually succeed to free the courier and send the information via the enemy's wireless device to their base. While staying back, they explode the wharf too.

Hard Target [scene] Hard Target [scene] Hard Target [scene] Hard Target [scene]
Persian Title:

هدف سخت

English Title:

Hard Target

Persian Title in English:

Hadafe Sakht




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Hard Target [scene] Hard Target [scene] Hard Target [scene] Hard Target [scene] Hard Target [scene] Hard Target [scene] Hard Target [scene] Hard Target [behind the scenes] Hard Target [behind the scenes] Hard Target [behind the scenes] Hard Target [poster] Hard Target [poster] Hard Target [poster]
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