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A young couple are living in a mountainous area. Due to problems of the lands for cultivation, people have left the region. The mountains hinder the light of sun to reach their lands but this young hardworking couple can not leave there and are trying to bring the power of sun to their small village.

Mountain (Monte) [scene] Mountain (Monte) [scene] Mountain (Monte) [scene] Mountain (Monte) [poster]
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Mountain (Monte)

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Amir Naderi,




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Mountain (Monte) [poster] Mountain (Monte) [poster]

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Mountain (Monte) [scene] Mountain (Monte) [scene] Mountain (Monte) [scene] Mountain (Monte) [poster] Mountain (Monte) [poster]
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Requiem (1978)

Nasroallah is released from jail after eight years. He who has lost his mother, tries to build a future for himself using his only belongings: a blowgun and a target board.

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Ali is a young boxer who has travelled to America wishing to become the champion but he meets and joins a group of criminals. Ali wins most of his matches and is getting pretty famous until the gang asks him to lose one.

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