Mind Your Manners (Correct Your Behavior) 2010

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Ibrahim has come to his aunt’s house in Tehran to participate in entry exam for masters degree. The morning of the day that he and his cousin Aghil are going to the test session, Besharat suddenly appears in front of him and a few moments later Ibrahim has a car accident and dies in the hospital. Beshart stamps his death certificate but a few minutes later they order him who is an angel of death to bring Ibrahim back to life. After coming back to life, he looks at the world and humanity differently and finds out that only people who are close to death can see Besharat. In the hospital, Ibrahim sees Sayeh who has brought her test results to the doctor and the doctor, without telling her about her illness, encourages her to continue her life. Sayeh leaves the test results at the doctor’s office and, upon reading it, Aghil and Ibrahim realize that Sayeh has cancer. Besharat asks Ibrahim to get to Mirdamad street in order to help Sayeh. There Ibrahim finds out that Sayeh is a streetwalker that lives by stealing money from lustful men who pick her up in their cars. Ibrahim gets in a fight with one of these men but Sayeh also gets angry at him for intervening. Later on, Besharat shows Ibrahim parts of Sayeh’s hard life. Ibrahim’s effort to tell Sayeh the truth turns futile, till he decides to go to her with Aghil and ask for her hand in marriage but she throws them out of the house. Ibrahim waits and explains the situation to Sayeh. They both go to the Doctor and he tells the truth to Sayeh. Ibrahim meets Besharat in the park. Ibrahim and Besharat find Sayeh while she is standing on top of a sky scraper trying to commit suicide. Ibrahim goes to the roof with a couple of police officers and once again asks for Sayeh’s hand in marriage and later jumps from the roof with Sayeh. While falling, Besharat reprimands him but Ibrahim is sure that it is not Sayeh’s time of death and is hopeful that he will marry her. They land on the rescue bag that the police have put down on the base of the sky scraper and survive. Sometime later, the daughter of Ibrahim and Sayeh is born. Sayeh who is hospitalized because of the progression of cancer names her daughter Mojdeh; a name that Besharat had once called a beautiful name.

Mind Your Manners (Correct Your Behavior) [promotional] Mind Your Manners (Correct Your Behavior) [scene] Mind Your Manners (Correct Your Behavior) [scene] Mind Your Manners (Correct Your Behavior) [scene]
Persian Title:

اخلاقتو خوب كن

English Title:

Mind Your Manners (Correct Your Behavior)

Persian Title in English:

Akhlagheto Khoub Kon


Masoud Atyabi,




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Mind Your Manners (Correct Your Behavior) [promotional] Mind Your Manners (Correct Your Behavior) [scene] Mind Your Manners (Correct Your Behavior) [scene] Mind Your Manners (Correct Your Behavior) [scene] Mind Your Manners (Correct Your Behavior) [poster]
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