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Mansoor and Bijan are two friends who live together. Ghazal is the name of their motorcycle and it’s the only belonging of these two mechanics, and plays the role of a mobile mechanic shop. Mansoor is an amorist who falls in love every minute with a different girl. He also has another job besides being a mechanic: gambling. He bets on exciting and extraordinary situations with a group of his friends who look more like hoodlum and makes money out of it. Mansoor falls in love in one minute and falls out of love in another minute. One day in front of a florist, he sees a rich girl, Sarah, with a high-end car and falls in love with her; and with the excuse of putting the flowers in her car, leaves his cellphone in the car. Later he calls Sarah and invites her to his birthday party inside a hotel’s restaurant. Sarah who is very excited accepts his invitation and everything is going along romantically. Sarah’s friend, Afsaneh, is against Sarah’s romance and imagines love as a golden package that is empty and does not like Mansoor. One day Sarah invites Mansoor to her home. Mansoor enters the house with a bouquet of flowers and is surprised to see the guests are crying. He is shocked to find out that Sarah is leaving Iran. He gets angry and goes back home defeated. This time in his humble home, he sits on his love’s chair and promises to close the gates of his heart’s airport to all love and open a zoo instead! The next day he angrily goes to Afsaneh’s house and starts to shout that she needs to give his message to Sarah that she has lost the game and not him; because all his things from car to clothes and gifts were fake. Afsaneh, after listening to Mansoor, leaves with a pitiful smile. A few minutes later, a woman comes out and asks Mansoor to give Afsaneh her bag back and tell her that she is fired! After talking to Afsaneh, he realizes that she was Sarah's French teacher, not her friend. When he reads Afsaneh’s paper that were inside the bag, Mansoor realizes that Afsaneh has some very antilove and stubborn thoughts and thinks that she is an apathetic and stupid woman. When he meets her to return the bag, he finds out that Afsaneh is a writer and those papers are her writings. Mansoor ridiculates her for her stories and writings and tells her that her story is devoid of feeling and the joy of living. Afsaneh is surprised at how the words and opinions of Mansoor is similar to thsoe of one of her professors. She has an idea and asks Mansoor to become the subject of her story to give it a realistic look. Mansoor does not accept at first, but with Afsaneh’s constant insistence, he accepts, provided that: 1) They only work together for one week; 2) He needs to read all the notes and confirm them; 3) Afsaneh needs to change her clothes and appearance. Afsaneh is against this at first but has no choice except to accept it. In the first week, she continues to talk to Mansoor and mixing them with her imaginations, but…

The Swallows in love [promotional] The Swallows in love [promotional] The Swallows in love [poster]
Persian Title:

پرستوهای عاشق

English Title:

The Swallows in love

Persian Title in English:

Parastouhaye Ashegh


Feryal Behzad,



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The Swallows in love [poster]

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The Swallows in love [promotional] The Swallows in love [promotional] The Swallows in love [poster]
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