Mr. Hiroghlif 1981

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On his holiday, Mr. Hieroglyph wakes up tumultuous and goes to the office. He sees some signs on the screen of his computer written in hieroglyph. He goes to the central library to discover the lines. He finds a thesis his daughter has written when she was a student. By using the thesis, he reviews the story of his daughter. In the past years, she has gone to the factories and then was assigned by a political group to organize a group of mine workers to fight. Recommendations made by the girl and her friends are opposed to the opinions of the leaders. The girl distributes a leaflet on behalf of the workers which results in a disturbance. She escapes and after a while she is killed in a street struggle.

Persian Title:

آقای هیروگلیف

English Title:

Mr. Hiroghlif

Persian Title in English:

Aghaye Hiroglif


Gholamali Erfan,


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