Under the Heaven 1992

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The movie depicts the social status of the people in the society and during the war from the point of view of a local photographer in 3 continuous episodes. The first story is about his camera being stolen. He starts trying to get it back until he finds the thief... The second story is shaped around a porter's life. The third story focuses on the bold presence of a Basiji at the frontline, who was also present in the first 2 stories.

Under the Heaven [scene] Under the Heaven [scene] Under the Heaven [scene] Under the Heaven [scene]
Persian Title:

زير آسمان

English Title:

Under the Heaven

Persian Title in English:

Zire Aseman



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Under the Heaven [scene] Under the Heaven [scene] Under the Heaven [scene] Under the Heaven [scene] Under the Heaven [scene] Under the Heaven [scene] Under the Heaven [scene] Under the Heaven [scene] Under the Heaven [scene] Under the Heaven [scene] Under the Heaven [scene] Under the Heaven [scene] Under the Heaven [behind the scenes]
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