Half Moon 2006

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Mamo is an old and well-known music player in Kurdistan who begins a journey with his sons for a concert holding in Iraq after the fall of Saddam's regime. In this journey, Kako is a middle aged man who has dedicated himself to Mamo and is the driver of the bus borrowed from his friend to accompany Mamo. Mamo gathers his sons one by one from different regions but the last son wants to tell something to Mamo before getting on the bus. He tells Mamo that the old man in the village has suggested that it is better for Mamo not going on this journey because an accident will happen for him when the moon goes full. Mamo says that he will continue his journey anyway because he has been banned for years. The officer goes to search for a woman called Heshou (meaning 'a bunch of grapes') who has been living in exile for years along with 1334 other women. But Heshou has lost her voice and self-confidence and singing is so hard for her. They encounter different events and adventures while trying to pass the border.

Half Moon [scene] Half Moon [scene] Half Moon [scene] Half Moon [scene]
Persian Title:

نیوه مانگ

English Title:

Half Moon

Persian Title in English:

Nive Mang


Bahman Ghobadi,


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Half Moon [scene] Half Moon [scene] Half Moon [scene] Half Moon [scene] Half Moon [scene] Half Moon [poster] Half Moon [poster] Half Moon [poster]
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