I'm Afraid I'll Be a Worker After Death 2016

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Workers have a simple life and beautiful women. Every day, at the end of their work, white clouds come home from skyscrapers! The title, "I'm afraid to be a worker after death," is derived from the poetry collection Sabir Hakka, a young Kurdish poet. A worker poet, whose intimidating and poignant poetry is both attractive and readable to unpardonable literary audiences. In this documentary, according to the views of the great poets of contemporary poetry and famous people, we will have a different look at the life of this artist and the working people of our country.

Persian Title:

میترسم بعد از مرگ هم کارگر باشم

English Title:

I'm Afraid I'll Be a Worker After Death

Persian Title in English:

Mitarsam Bad az Marg Ham Karegar Basham

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