The Cry of Silence (Sun of Tabaristan) 2015

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Khurshid of Tabaristan,Khurshid, erroneously designated Khurshid II by earlier scholars, was the last Dabuyid ispahbadh of Tabaristan. He succeeded to the throne at an early age, and was supervised by his uncle as regent until he reached the age of fourteen.

Persian Title:

فریاد سکوت (سپهبد خورشید)

English Title:

The Cry of Silence (Sun of Tabaristan)

Persian Title in English:

Faryade Sokout (Spahbod Khorshid)


Majid Omidi Rad,

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Run Time: 1h41' . Release: 2014

Categories: Feature,

Director: Safi Yazdanian,

Cast: Mohammad Fathi, Leyla Hatami, Zahra Khoshkam, Ali Mosafa, Payam Yazdani,

Director of Photography: Homayoun Payvar,