Life and Rain 2012

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A young man starts a journey to break the spell of his beloved girl.

Life and Rain [scene]
Persian Title:

جان و باران

English Title:

Life and Rain

Persian Title in English:

Jaan o Baraan


Sara Namjoo,


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Life and Rain [scene]
Nonprofit Graveyard
Nonprofit Graveyard (2010)

During the wedding ceremony of Farokh and Sogol, it has been decided that Farokh’s uncles make up after years. With the insistence of the family’s elders, they make up and start a party, but while dancing, these two bega...

Run Time: 1h32' . Release: 2010

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mohsen Damadi,

Cast: Hossein Afshar, Morteza Akbari, Behnoosh Bakhtiari, Mozhgan Bayat, Hamed Behdad,

Director of Photography: Mohammadreza Sokout,

The Truck
The Truck (2017)

An Iranian trucker takes a family from Iraqi Kurdistan to Tehran, in order to find their father.

Run Time: 1h52' . Release: 2017

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Director: Kambuzia Partovi,

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Director of Photography: Touraj Aslani,

Serial Dreams
Serial Dreams (2009)

Reihaneh who has eight years old, causes her lost teacher to be found and this leads to some events.

Run Time: 1h37' . Release: 2009

Categories: Feature,

Director: Pouran Derakhshandeh,

Cast: Mehran Ahmadi, Pantea Bahram, Ziba Hashemi, Kimia Kermanian, Alireza Khamseh,

Director of Photography: Masoud Salami,

To be Received by Mr. Banan
To be Received by Mr. Banan (2018)

Based on the personal and artistic life of Gholamhossein Banan, famous and creative master of Iranian singing.

Run Time: 1h27' . Release: 2018

Categories: Experimental, Documentary,

Director: Zohreh Mohaghegh,


Director of Photography: Mahmoud Mousavi,