Not Small Not Big 2017

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We were looking for Sayyid Hakim, saying excellent experience, responsible for information and operations of Abolfazl Brigade.In my opinion, he was an upright man, we went down the hill .I said to a young man: "I do not know who is Hajj Hakim, Abu Hakim or Sayyid Hakim?"He said: "It's going to be on the way." It was a clash. We were moving on the line and looking for wise men, and everyone says, come back there. Again, next to the young man, a warrior was passing fast. We said: "Where is this wise man?" The combatant said with amazement: "Just sitting in front of you."

Persian Title:

نه کوچک نه بزرگ

English Title:

Not Small Not Big

Persian Title in English:

Na Kuchak Na Bozorg

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