The Fickle 1934

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Son of a thane meets a girl in the weekly bazaar of a village and marries her. The groom is injured in an accident and is brought to Tehran for treatment. He is hospitalized in his uncle's house and gradually falls in love with his cousin. The rural girl finds out about this and hopelessly attempts a suicide; but a young man saves her and takes care of her. The wealthy man, caught in the caprices of his cousin in Tehran, loses everything. When he returns to the village, it is too late and the girl has passed away.

The Fickle [behind the scenes] The Fickle [scene] The Fickle [scene] The Fickle [scene]
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Bolhavas (Bolhavass)


Ebrahim Moradi,




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The Fickle [behind the scenes] The Fickle [scene] The Fickle [scene] The Fickle [scene]
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