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Ferdowsi is a 1934 Iranian biography drama film directed by Abdolhossein Sepanta and starring Nosratollah Mohtasham, Abdolhossein Sepanta and Sohrab Pouri. The story starts from Ferdowsi's house, which he looks at his face from the window to the broken bridge of the city ​​of Toos. In another place, Ferdowsi presents scenes from the Shahnameh to the sultan Mahmud for the audience. In the end, the end of the life of the epic poet is shown in Iran. Ferdowsi lives in isolation in his old age, and when he is looking out the window he listens that the children of the passer-by read the poems of the Shahnameh. The final scene is the poet's death. His body is on two brides on the Bridge Bridge. Only one person goes behind the body and he is the poet's daughter.

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Ferdowsi (Ferdosi)

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