Bride of the Tigris River 1954

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The prime minister of Harun al-Rashid's reign, "Ja'far Barmaki", who loves the caliph's sister, "Abbasseh", secretly gets married to her. Harun al-Rashid's wife, "Zobeideh", finds out about the marriage and plots the death of Ja'far along with two of his children.

Bride of the Tigris River [scene] Bride of the Tigris River [scene] Bride of the Tigris River [poster]
Persian Title:

عروس دجله

English Title:

Bride of the Tigris River

Persian Title in English:

Arouse Dajleh

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Bride of the Tigris River [poster]

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Bride of the Tigris River [scene] Bride of the Tigris River [scene] Bride of the Tigris River [poster]
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