The Grand Hotel 2015

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The film is about a hundred years of the history of Grand Hotel in Gazvin. The third coup of March 1921 was a military coup that was carried out by Reza Khan Mirpunj and the complicity of Seyyed Ziauddin Tabatabai, and was planned by the English officer of Ironside. New research shows that the British did not play a role in the design of the coup or what the leaders should do later. However, some sources say that 23 days before the coup, Reza Shah Pahlavi met with Edmund Auronside , who said General Airon Sayed told Reza Shah Pahlavi that if you hold the power, we have no objection. As a result of negotiations and coordination between Seyyed Ali-Din Tabatabaei and Reza Shah Pahlavi, on the third day of March, Kazakh troops entered Tehran and occupied government offices and military centers. Nearly 100 prominent political activists and detainees were detained and imprisoned. Ahmad Shah Qajar and Mohammad Hassan Mirza ( crown prince ) fled to Farahabad Palace and Sepehdar Rashti ( prime minister ) was refugee to the British embassy in Tehran . The result of the coup was the chairman of Seyed Ziauddin and the minister of war Reza Khan.

Persian Title:

گراند هتل

English Title:

The Grand Hotel

Persian Title in English:

Gerand Hotel

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