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In the era of "Harun al-Rashid"'s reign, "Ja'far Barmaki" and "Al-Fadl ibn al-Rabi" were two powerful men in the government. The Iranian "Abu Nuwas", and the Arab "Abu-l-'Atahiya" are two famous poets. At the meantime, "Seyyed Alavi", one of Jafar's adherents, is accused of revolt. The judge of his court is "Bohloul". Bohloul who does not want to judge against Alavi, starts acting like a crazy person, and in the meantime helps Iranians to gain power.

Bohloul [scene] Bohloul [scene] Bohloul [scene] Bohloul [scene]
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Sadegh Bahrami,

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Bohloul [scene] Bohloul [scene] Bohloul [scene] Bohloul [scene]
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