The Flawed Jewel 1959

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The manager of a big company who has fallen in love with the wife of one of his engineers, is unable to attract the woman, who is named "Gohar". By conspiracy, the manager puts the engineer in jail, and goes on to asperse Gohar. Once the engineer is released, he discovers the case and refuses to continue living with his wife. After a while, the manager, the engineer and Gohar face each other again. This leads to a brawl, in which the manager injures both the engineer and Gohar, and gets injured himself. The engineer realizes that his wife had no fault in that incident and finally returnes to her and begins a new life with her.

Persian Title:

گوهر لکه‌دار

English Title:

The Flawed Jewel

Persian Title in English:

Gohare Lakedar (Gowhare Lakedar)


Ebrahim Moradi,


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