Highway of Death 1963

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The movie tells the story of a lonely man whose desires has separated him from his family. He who hates the prosperous people, is faced with a well-off family who happens to have a peaceful life. A fight occurs, and finally the family wins over the rebellious man.

Highway of Death [scene] Highway of Death [scene] Highway of Death [scene] Highway of Death [scene]
Persian Title:

جاده مرگ

Persian Title in English:

Jaddehye Marg (Jaddeh Marg)


Esmaeel Riahi,




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Highway of Death [scene] Highway of Death [scene] Highway of Death [scene] Highway of Death [scene] Highway of Death [behind the scenes] Highway of Death [poster]
World Champion
World Champion (1966)

A child is driven away from his parents. Years later, the child who is by then a young man happens to meet a girl from a wealthy family. The girl has a fraud fiance who plots to extort from her family. After some investi...

Run Time: 1h41' . Release: 1966

Categories: Feature,

Director: Esmaeel Riahi,

Cast: Mina, Parisa, Ali Azad, Hooshang Beheshti, Mohammadali Fardin,

Director of Photography: Mehdi Amir Ghasemkhani (Khani),

The Runaway Groom
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Director: Esmaeel Riahi,

Cast: Mohsen Arastehnia, Ahmad Ghadakchian, Abdolali Homayoun, Arham Sadr, Nikoo Safaei,

Director of Photography: Ahmad Shirazi,

Gypsy's Wrath
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A jealous woman , drifts away a son from his father. Gypsies find the son and take care of him until he becomes a grown man. The boy falls in love with his own cousin without knowing it. His father shows objection. But...

Run Time: 1h34' . Release: 1968

Categories: Feature,

Director: Esmaeel Riahi,

Cast: Yadi, Jamileh, Ali Azad, Pouri Banaei, Habibollah Boloor,

Director of Photography: Mostafa Alamian,

The Bride of the Village
The Bride of the Village (1962)

Returning from abroad, the son of a landlord realizes that his beloved girl is married with another man, He burns the rival's farm and kidnaps their child. He soon gets arrested, but his rival consents, and the former be...

Release: 1962

Categories: Feature,

Director: Naser Malek Motiee,

Cast: Mohsen Arastehnia, Akbar Jannati Shirazi, Hamideh (Nadereh) Kheirabadi, Naser Malek Motiee, Faranak Mirghahari,

Director of Photography: Saber Rahbar,

Sometimes it Goes this Way
Sometimes it Goes this Way (1959)

A girl wants to try someone who has proposed her so she disguises her servant as a beautiful lady and introduces herself as her maid. The man who has proposed also tries this trick and introduces his servant as his lord....

Run Time: 1h30' . Release: 1959

Categories: Feature,

Director: Azizollah Rafi'ei Tari,

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Director of Photography: Azizollah Rafi'ei Tari,

A Passenger from Heaven
A Passenger from Heaven (1963)

On her way back to her hometown Isfahan, a girl who is impregnated by her unfaithful lover meets a kind-hearted man. The man who makes himself known as her husband is blamed by her family as the cause of her running away...

Run Time: 1h31' . Release: 1963

Categories: Feature,

Director: Nosratollah Vahdat,

Cast: Parkhideh, Gholamhossein Bahmanyar, Ahmad Ghadakchian, Tahereh (Arezoo) Ghaffari, Farideh Nasiri,

Director of Photography: Shokrollah Rafi'ei,

The Doll Behind the Window (The Doll Behind the Curtain)
The Doll Behind the Window (The Doll Behind the Curtain) (1960)

When a young man, who lives in a rich family, sees his parents on the verge of divorce, he arranges a course of action to make them forget the disagreements and start a new life together.

Release: 1960

Categories: Feature,

Director: Majid Mohseni,

Cast: Parkhideh, , Dalileh, Roghayeh Chehreh Azad, Hamid Ghanbari,

Director of Photography: Ahmad Shirazi,

Awaited (1958)

A woman tries to help her sister who has accused of having a mistress, by admitting that she has a mistress herself . As a result, her life breaks up. But a revealing letter finally brings the dedicated woman back to her...

Run Time: 1h45' . Release: 1958

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ataollah Zahed,

Cast: Parkhideh, Tahmineh, Ahmad Ghadakchian, Ashraf Kashani, Mohsen Mahdavi,

Director of Photography: Khani,

Horror (Anxiety)
Horror (Anxiety) (1962)

A man tries to murder his wife in the hope of possessing her wealth. He makes her frightened by some histrionics, trying to perish her. A detector suspects and pursues him, and finally kills him while trying to escape.

Run Time: 1h40' . Release: 1962

Categories: Feature,

Director: Samuel Khachikian,

Cast: Haleh, Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Abdollah Butimar, Hossein Jahangiri, Sirus Laleh Zari,

Director of Photography: Ghodratollah Ehsani,

The Thief of the Harbor
The Thief of the Harbor (1955)

While trying to rob somewhere, Jasem and his collaborators become prosecuted by the police. Although the police manages to arrest his collaborators, Jasem hides in a girl’s house, with whom he gradually falls in love. At...

Run Time: 1h45' . Release: 1955

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ahmad Shirazi,

Cast: Monir (Monique), Mahin Deyhim, Mohsen Mahdavi, Mobarakian, Mobseri,

Director of Photography: Sh'abanian, Ahmad Shirazi,