Night of the Hunchback 1964

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During a dinner ,a bone has stuck in the throat of a hunchback member of an acting crew, at the end of one of their performances by accident , and everybody thinks he's dead. After this incident, the hunchback's corpse causes trouble for the members of a house that each of them is somehow included in a crime. They try to get rid of the corpse, but the police finds the corpse and arrest the criminals.

Night of the Hunchback [scene] Night of the Hunchback [poster]
Persian Title:

شب قوزی

English Title:

Night of the Hunchback

Persian Title in English:

Shabe Ghuzi


Farrokh Ghaffari,




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Night of the Hunchback [poster]

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Night of the Hunchback [scene] Night of the Hunchback [poster]
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