Sadegh, the Kurdish 1972

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"Sadegh" has a tea house on a main road in Khouzestan province. Taking advantage of his absence, an unknown driver rapes his wife and then murders her. Sadegh decides to murder several drivers, and does this hoping that he someday will kill the driver who has killed his wife. An officer and a sergeant take the responsibility of arresting Sadegh. The sergeant is actually his father-in-law and this makes the latter doubtful to do his mission. Eventually, after a number of events, they succeed to arrest Sadegh.

Sadegh, the Kurdish [scene] Sadegh, the Kurdish [scene] Sadegh, the Kurdish [scene] Sadegh, the Kurdish [scene]
Persian Title:

صادق کرده

English Title:

Sadegh, the Kurdish

Persian Title in English:

Sadegh Kordeh


Naser Taghvaei,


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Sadegh, the Kurdish [poster]

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Sadegh, the Kurdish [scene] Sadegh, the Kurdish [scene] Sadegh, the Kurdish [scene] Sadegh, the Kurdish [scene] Sadegh, the Kurdish [scene] Sadegh, the Kurdish [scene] Sadegh, the Kurdish [scene] Sadegh, the Kurdish [poster]
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