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In a Kurdish village, a retired colonel known as Khan, wants to destroy the houses of the villagers in order to establish a casino. The villagers oppose him but Khan encounters them with his violent group known as the Buffalos. Khan also tries to reach a young girl called Aatieh, but he faces Taleb who is her fiance. Taleb is killed by the Buffalos and Atieh commits suicide. This bitter accident makes the villagers angry, and Aslan who is a passionate rural young man and loves Galavizh, the daughter of the head of the Ploice Station, sergeant Boushehri, refers to him and asks him to stop the Khan. Sergeant Boushehri who finds out that his commanders are in support of Khan, decides to stand against him and gives him a 24-hour chance to leave the village. In a short interval, the sergeant is arrested and sergeant Vafaei replaces him. Aslan and the other men of the village stop the automobile which is taking sergeant Boushehri to prison and release him. The Buffalos begin a violent and wild struggle against the villagers and sergeant Boushehri, but they resist courageously and eventually perish the Buffalos and also the Khan. Peace returns to the village, but after a while, officers of the government enter the village having a new mission.

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Akbar Sadeghi,




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