Negin 2001

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Azar (a woman sentenced to a life imprisonment for smuggling drugs) whose husband is also hanged, finds out that her daughter Negin has escaped home. There is a young girl called Neda who has previously been in jail for drug addiction and now has a relatively proper life and is marrying a young man called Ramin. Because of their relationship in prison, Azar asks Neda to help her finding Negin. Azar concerns a lot and commits suicide, and while in the hospital, she escapes and goes with Neda to search for Negin. They first go to Laleh, Negin's friend who is a criminal, and Laleh rejects to help them, but at last she goes with them. She takes them to a woman called Talasiah who has sold Negin to a group of smugglers sending runaway girls to the countries around the Persian Gulf. Their investigations show that Negin is going to an Arabic country along with some other girls with fake passports. At the airport, they suspect five women wearing Arabic cloth. Azar sees her daughter Negin among them and shoots a smuggler through a struggle. Police has arrived and shoots Azar. Azar leaves her daughter to Neda and dies. By Azar's death, Negin pays for her neglect.

Negin [scene] Negin [scene] Negin [scene] Negin [scene]
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Asghar Hashemi,




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