Yours Sincerely, Azrael 1970

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A young couple are going to marry. The girl's father, who is a business partner of the boy's father, burns all the documents in order to take the possession of the company's entire stock. After a while, it is proved that he is also the murderer of his partner. He finally puts her daughter's hand in the hand of her beloved and then goes to the jail.

Yours Sincerely, Azrael [poster]
Persian Title:

ارادتمند شما عزرائیل

English Title:

Yours Sincerely, Azrael

Persian Title in English:

Eradatmande Shoma, Ezraeel


Manouchehr Ghasemi,



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Yours Sincerely, Azrael [poster]

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Yours Sincerely, Azrael [poster]
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