Tehran at 7:00 A.M. 2002

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The story begins at a red light in 7 A.M. The young officer, who is in charge of switching the light, gives more than usual to the passengers to see his beloved girl. The girl is a cinema actress. Here, at this red light, all the seven characters of the story are present; they do not know each other. We will accompany them one by one in 24 hours. Then, while 24 hours is passed since the young officer has expressed his affection for his beloved girl, we meet them again at the same red light at 7 A.M. Two earnest, strict old men, who are on the verge of retirement, are taking urine samples from the applicants in a laboratory for drug addiction diagnosis. They were always afraid of the inspectors and they have no idea that today there is an inspector in the laboratory, witnessing their violations. A motorcycle driver, who transports passengers, is used to incompletely convey what he has got from the previous passenger to the next. However, today his last passenger is an old man, whose death causes him some problems. A guy from Afghanistan meets a girl, who is getting away from a man. They talk about their lives and tell each other more and more lies until the guy feels that he likes the girl, but the girl gets away from him as well. The young traffic officer commits suicide; however, he survives. The actress girl is informed and goes to the hospital. They speak to each other; there appears a huge gap between them. The actress gets out of the hospital; the next day, at 7 A.M., she arrives at the same red light. Now, the red light automatically switches. All the people we have met through the story, are waiting there. As the light goes green, they move. Among them, it is only the actress girl who is feeling different. Seemingly, she has fallen for the young officer.

Persian Title:

تهران، ساعت هفت صبح

English Title:

Tehran at 7:00 A.M.

Persian Title in English:

Tehran, Sa'ate Hafte Sobh


Amirshahab Razavian,



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