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Bita Hokmi, the daughter of a conservative and deeply religious family, gets accepted as a graphic design major and leaves Isfahan, her hometown for Tehran and moves in with a relative of hers, a divorced woman named Sima. Bita meets Farhad, an architecture student, in the university and although Sima warns her not to date Farhad, she does so anyway. Seyyed Jalal, Bita’s dad calls her from Isfahan and tells that his nephew has returned from the US and intends to marry her. Bita informs Farhad of the situation and demands him to propose as soon as possible but Farhad keeps making excuses and avoids doing so. Later the morality police arrest them in a park and the chief of the police station summons Farhad’s mom and dad. Zohreh, Farhad’s mother bails them out and promises Bita to pave the way for their marriage. Bita returns to Isfahan and gets engaged to her cousin but she tells him that she does not want to marry him and if he insists she will commit suicide. Then she returns to Tehran and Ali, her cousin, informs his uncle, Seyyed Jalal that he does not intend to marry Bita anymore. Bita tries to reach out to Farhad by calling his house but she can’t seem to get ahold of him. Farhad and his friends and Zohreh (his stepmother) go on a trip to North of Iran. Seyyed Jalal finds out about Bita’s secret plan and furious as he is, travels to Tehran to find her, but Bita hits the road to find Farhad. After she finds Farhad and his friends, she realizes that Farhad intends to marry a girl named Mahshid and has no interest in Bita whatsoever. After hearing the harsh words uttered by Farhad, Bita tries to commit suicide by jumping in front of a car. Seyyed Jalal sees Bita injured in the hospital and he tries to force Farhad to marry his daughter, but now Bita isn’t interested in marrying him and asks her father to give her another chance to build a brand new future for herself.

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The Grey

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Mehrdad Mirfallah,




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