Sun of Egypt 2002

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Yaghoob the prophet, is concerned and waiting for her wife Rahil to give birth to a child. But Rahil is concerned about her little son Yousef, and before their child is born, she asks Yaghoub to take care of him. A beautiful baby is born who is called Benjamin but Rahil dies in labor which is a beginning for Yousef's loneliness. His stepbrothers make him bothered. Yousef tells his sorrows to a star by which he remembers his mother. One night he dreams that the moon and stars obey him. He tells his dream to his father and he predicts a high position for him and asks him not to tell anyone else about his dream. His brothers who envy him a lot, takes him to the desert and throw him in a well but he survives due to God’s will. They bring his bloody shirt to their father and tell him Yousef is ripped out by a wolf. A caravan is passing the well and brings out Yousef and sells him to the King of Egypt who has no child. Years later, Yousef becomes a young and handsome man who is loved by Zoleikha. Zoleikha tries to deceive him, but thanks to the power of his faith, Yousef avoids this temptation. Fearing of the King, Zoleikha pretends the truth in a opposite way and causes Yousef to be arrested. Days in jail are so long. Yousef has an ability to interpret dreams, and he interprets the dreams of two prisoners. He predicts that one of them will be released and the other will be punished. This happens exactly as Yousef has said. Years later when all the foretellers fail to predict the King’s dream, Yousef is asked to predict the dream and he succeeds. He tells the King that a famine will come soon. The King releases Yousef from prison while he has saved the Egypt from the starvation due to a famine. He gains a high position in the court of Egypt. The day his brothers come from the city of Kan’an (which is suffered from famine) to provide for their supplies, Yousef forgives them and when he finds out that his father has gone blind in his sorrow, he goes to see him. His father finds out about Yousef from his shirt’s smell even before he arrives Kan’an. His father can see again through the miracle of Yousef’s shirt.

Sun of Egypt [scene] Sun of Egypt [poster]
Persian Title:

خورشید مصر

English Title:

Sun of Egypt

Persian Title in English:

Khorshide Mesr




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Sun of Egypt [scene] Sun of Egypt [poster]
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