The Leaden Stars 2002

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In world paralympic championships, Nariman Shokri - the Iranian athlete - encounters Kamel Sa'doun from Iraq. When Nariman sees him, he goes back in his memories and remembers the hard and inflamed days of war and also the violence of his rival who was previously an Iraqi officer. He faces the enemy again. The result of this encounter is a review of war years. This time there is a fair fight in which the winner is honesty and truth.

The Leaden Stars [scene] The Leaden Stars [scene] The Leaden Stars [poster]
Persian Title:

ستاره‌های سربی

English Title:

The Leaden Stars

Persian Title in English:

Setarehaye Sorbi


Mehdi Vadadi,


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The Leaden Stars [scene] The Leaden Stars [scene] The Leaden Stars [poster]
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