The Hunter's Hunt 1985

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Despite the police’s restrcitions, Moslem helps Mehdi Abedini, a young theologue, to come to their village and explain the Islamic revolution to them. The police finds out about this and arrests Moslem, but the people’s protests, leads to his freedom. The young theologue continues to promote Islam by gathering people in a place. The police arrests him, but again people start to protest; therefore the police has no choice other than letting Abedini go. However, not much after his release, he starts to encourage people to rise against the regime. The police shoots him and he himself is also shot.

The Hunter's Hunt [scene] The Hunter's Hunt [scene] The Hunter's Hunt [poster]
Persian Title:

شکار شکارچی

English Title:

The Hunter's Hunt

Persian Title in English:

Shekare Shekarchi

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The Hunter's Hunt [poster]

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The Hunter's Hunt [scene] The Hunter's Hunt [scene] The Hunter's Hunt [poster]
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