Fishes Die in the Soil 1977

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Reza falls passionately in love with a girl when he is finishing his last year at high school. His love and passion are pure, chastise and far from corruption. His beloved Nasrin is deeply in love with Reza and desires strongly for him and tries hard to have him. Their bond is so close and strong that only death can separate them. Sadly, it is only Reza'a father, a feeble and old dustman, who knows that Reza is on a downward spiral; a spire that leads to death.

Fishes Die in the Soil [poster] Fishes Die in the Soil [scene]
Persian Title:

ماهی‌ها در خاک می‌میرند

English Title:

Fishes Die in the Soil

Persian Title in English:

Mahiha Dar Khak Mimirand

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Fishes Die in the Soil [poster]

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Fishes Die in the Soil [poster] Fishes Die in the Soil [scene]
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