The Sealed Soil 1977

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The film tells the story of a young girl called Ruy Bekheir who is devastated by the traditions of her village. The girl is torn between her own desires as a modern girl and the traditional views of her townspeople. In the village she lives, it is a custom for girls to marry young and this girl has many suitors. Deep down she feels anxious and rebellious. Although she is bored and tired of her current life, she has no desire to marry and start a new life and move to the modern part of the village allocated for villagers by the government. The modern part located over the village is opposed to the traditional and rudimentary life of the village. The girl is depressed and withdrawn and the villagers try to convince her to marry. The more they try to encourage her, the more she resists. Her resistance, in fact, culminates in her doing such odd things as killing the chickens she used to love so dearly. Her parents being worried about her ask an exorcist to help them because they believe their daughter is under the influence of some evil spirit or gene. A month later, the girl's former friend and neighbor shows up and tells the girl that her cousin is to go to the girl to ask her hand in marriage. The film ends with the girl with a jug over her shoulder entering the modern part of the village.

Persian Title:

خاک مهر شده

English Title:

The Sealed Soil

Persian Title in English:

Khake Mohr Shode (Khake Sar Beh Mohr)


Marva Nabili,




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