The Women Keeps Silent 2003

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Sorayya Ardalan is a lawyer representing a woman named Elahe Ahmadi in court. Elahe is accused of stabbing a guy named Behrouz to death, but she refuses to talk during her interrogations. Sorayya is trying to convince the family of the slain to consent but she does not succeed. Mani, a close friend of Behrouz, tells Sorayya that Elahe is innocent and she was only trying to protect herself against an abusive drug addict. But Behrouz’s sister claims that he and Elahe were supposed to marry each other and rejects Mani’s claims. Sorayya receives an anonymous letter in which it is stated that if she manages to prove Elahe's innocence, she will be paid a considerable amount of money. Sorayya finds out that Behrouz, Soroush and Mani were close friends until Elahe moves in to their neighborhood. Behrouz, who was a drug addict, falls for Elahe and as a result, spends less time with Soroush and Mani. Sorayya visits Soroush, who is in jail for dealing drugs. Soroush tells her that Elahe did not intend to marry Behrouz because of his addiction. For further investigation, Sorayya talks to Mr. Maghami, Amir’s dad. Amir was Elahe’s first husband who has suspiciously committed suicide. Mr. Maghami believes Elahe had married his son only for his wealth and nothing more. Later on, Sorayya feels helpless pursuing her investigations, especially since Elahe will not break her silence no matter what. The helpless lawyer bails Sorayya out temporarily and later finds out that Mani has turned himself in as the murderer of Behrouz and is now at the crime scene. Elahe gets shocked and she goes to the crime scene too. In front of the judge and the reporters, she unveils the true story. She tells them on the day of the murder, Behrouz took her to an unfinished construction and Soroush was there too. Soroush was acting weird that day and later he raped and abused her. She tells them that she blamed Behrouz as the main cause of this violent incident, so she stabbed him to death.

The Women Keeps Silent [scene] The Women Keeps Silent [scene] The Women Keeps Silent [scene] The Women Keeps Silent [scene]
Persian Title:

این زن حرف نمی‌زند

English Title:

The Women Keeps Silent

Persian Title in English:

In Zan Harf Nemizanad


Ahmad Amini,



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The Women Keeps Silent [scene] The Women Keeps Silent [scene] The Women Keeps Silent [scene] The Women Keeps Silent [scene] The Women Keeps Silent [scene] The Women Keeps Silent [scene] The Women Keeps Silent [scene] The Women Keeps Silent [behind the scenes] The Women Keeps Silent [poster]
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