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Bijan becomes famous among the students and professors when he succeeds to solve a difficult and complex equation. One of his classmates called Zohreh loves him. Bijan also falls in love with her gradually. But a big problem exists hindering their marriage: Bijan knows nothing about his own father, while the only condition by Zohreh's father is Bijan's father to come to the ceremony. At first, Bijan tries to go to Amme Khanom. A close friend of Bijan, Amir, also loves Zohreh and misuses the difficult situation Bijan has in order to reach her. He also robs the solution of the equation Bijan has solved to present it himself. Bijan finally succeeds to find his father but Alimorad (his father) denies to accept his son. Alimorad who has had different concubines always hiding them from each other, this time is the victim of Bijan and Zohreh's plot. Naser, Bijan's stepbrother, upon finding out about the event, tries to drive away Bijan from his father because his appearance makes the heritage equation difficult. Therefore, he helps his rival, Amir. Amir proposes Zohreh several times but he fails until Bijan is get caught by a conspiracy. Zohreh accepts to marry Amir in order to save Bijan's life. Alimorad's wife finds out about the real identity of Bijan and goes into a struggle with his husband to convince him to accept Bijan as his son. This happens at the same time when Amir and Zohreh's wedding ceremony is being held. When Bijan escapes from prison, the plot of Amir and Naser fails. Amir who does not want to have a witness for his illegal activities, injures Naser and makes him arrested. Alimorad, his wife and Bijan enter the ceremony and all the equations become complex and a conflict comes up. Eventually, Bijan and Zohreh marry formally and peace returns to their life.

The Equation [scene] The Equation [poster]
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The Equation

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The Equation [scene] The Equation [poster]
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