Crossing the Minefield 1983

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During an intense fight, a group of Iranian soldiers, succeed in conquering an important strategic Iraqi site. The Iraqis try to take back the site with all their forces, and on the other hand, the Iranian fighters are resisting bravely despite the lack of ammunition and food. A wounded soldier along with an officer and a sergeant, are trying to deliver a truck carrying ammunition and food to the forces besieged by Iraqis. The only way to reach them is to cross the minefield. These three manage to do it with faith and courage.

Crossing the Minefield [scene] Crossing the Minefield [scene] Crossing the Minefield [scene] Crossing the Minefield [scene]
Persian Title:

عبور از میدان مین

English Title:

Crossing the Minefield

Persian Title in English:

Oboor az Meydane Min


Javad Taheri,

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Crossing the Minefield [scene] Crossing the Minefield [scene] Crossing the Minefield [scene] Crossing the Minefield [scene] Crossing the Minefield [poster]
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