Hossein Abbasi

Hossein Abbasi

Hossein Abbasi

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Traffic (2000)

A backstage cameraman of a movie, witnesses a car accident. One of the drivers is beaten and gets unconscious. The other driver runs away and the cameraman chases him with his camera.

Run Time: 29'55" . Release: 2000

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Mohammad Shahverdi,

Cast: Hossein Abbasi, Farhad Zahedi,

Director of Photography: Majid Masajedi,

The Fifth Reaction
The Fifth Reaction (2002)

A man tries to take his two grandsons away from his widowed daughter-in-law.

Run Time: 1h47' . Release: 2002

Categories: Feature,

Director: Tahmineh Milani,

Cast: Hossein Abbasi, Azizollah Abhari, Saeedeh Arab, Tina Barbarian, Sina Barbarian,

Director of Photography: Alireza Zarrindast,

The Ride (Exclusive)
The Ride (Exclusive) (2014)

The story of humans is woven together till the missing pieces of your life’s puzzle is found. That there is a destination and you sometimes have to take an exclusive taxi to reach the end of the road, I wish the end of t...

Run Time: 1h20' . Release: 2014

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ali Khameh Parastfard,

Cast: Hossein Abbasi, Bijan Banafsheh Khah, Shaghayegh Farahani, Khatereh Hatami, Amir Karbalaeezadeh,

Director of Photography: Vahid Ebrahimi,

The First Letter
The First Letter (2002)

It is the story of a young man from a religious family who is interested in art. His strict family believe that art is apart from the traditional format.

Run Time: 1h53' . Release: 2002

Categories: Feature,

Director: Abolfazl Jalili,

Cast: Hossein Abbasi, Abdolreza Akbari, Abolfazl Akbari, Farshid Arab, Ali Derakhshandeh,

Director of Photography: Mehdi Majd Vazirinasab,

Douch (2017)

Gholamreza who due to his father's poverty and financial difficulties can not change his bike to win a race with Train, he is trying to gain money and provide a bike. Finally, he finds a way to get a bike.

Run Time: 1h30' . Release: 2017

Categories: Feature,

Director: Amir Mashhadi Abbas,

Cast: Hossein Abbasi, Soraya Ghasemi, Shiva Khosro Mehr, Kourosh Soleimani,

Director of Photography: Hashem Moradi,