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Peyman Shariati

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It Was in Dawn
It Was in Dawn (1998)

A man finds a wallet and tries to bring it back to its owner.

Run Time: 17'18" . Release: 1998

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Mohammadhadi Karimi,

Cast: Isabel Ghokasian, Peyman Shariati,

Director of Photography: Mojtaba Rahimi,

The Last Reconnaissance
The Last Reconnaissance (1993)

The story is about a critical situation during the Iran-Iraq war. There occurs a struggle between the Iranian and Iraqi forces when the Iranian soldiers get together in a special place and two of them are drowned in enem...

Run Time: 1h32' . Release: 1993

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ali Shah Hatami,

Cast: Shina Ahmadi, Gholamreza Akbari, Farzin Azhdari, Abbas Bayat, Allahkaram Eftekhari,

Director of Photography: Mohammadtaghi Pak Sima,

In Another Land
In Another Land (1996)

Jom'e Bai, the half-breed pilot born in Tajikistan, is assigned to go in a bombardment operation on the warriors positions at the borderline of Tajikistan and Afghanistan. When he performs the mission, his aircraft is hi...

Run Time: 2h0' . Release: 1996

Categories: Feature,

Director: Majid Javanmard,

Cast: , Faramarz Gharibian, Kazem Hazhirazad, Jamshid Jahanzadeh, Farhad Jam,

Director of Photography: Mehdi Mojadad Vaziri,

Deadly Escape
Deadly Escape (1996)

After doing some identification operations, Reza is held captive by the enemy and they torture him. They send him to a prison in which some Kurdish opposition captives are held. In this prison, the prisoners are brought...

Run Time: 1h42' . Release: 1996

Categories: Feature,

Director: Touraj Mansouri,

Cast: Reza Abedini, Majid Alizadeh, Fariborz Arabnia, Dariush Arjmand, Reza Estaraki,

Director of Photography: Reza Mohammadyari,

Red (1998)

Hasti has a daughter, named Tala, from his dead husband. She has recently married a young rich guy named Naser, who is a few years younger than herself. Hasti is happy that their lives have been put to order, but she soo...

Run Time: 1h33' . Release: 1998

Categories: Feature,

Director: Fereydoun Jeyrani,

Cast: Kamand Amirsoleimani, Shahriar Asadi, Tala Asgari, Siamak Ash'arioun, Jalal Esmaeelzadeh,

Director of Photography: Mahmoud Kalari,

Train Conductor
Train Conductor (2000)

An old train conductor from the south is forced to leave his city upon the outbreak of Iran-Iraq war, but his son Omid and his son-in-law stay there to defend the town. They visit their family once and then no news is he...

Release: 2000

Categories: Feature,

Director: Asghar Nasiri,

Cast: Najat Alimoradi, Nowruz Ali Amani, Hadi Anbardar, Yousef Bagheri, Hassan Bagheri,

Director of Photography: Hassan Soltani,