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Another Day
Another Day (2000)

A Film about an old shoemaker whose life has changed since the old woman came to his shoe shop.

Run Time: 17'0" . Release: 2000

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Rouhollah Ansari,

Cast: Jafar Bozorgi, Mehri Vedadian,

Director of Photography: Vahid Najafzadeh,

The Musician
The Musician (1972)

Being out of prisoner for a long time, a man goes on to pretend marrying a girl who had delivered an illegitimate baby from her nephew, After a while. they feel it would be better that the child's father never come back...

Run Time: 1h33' . Release: 1972

Categories: Feature,

Director: Esmaeel Nouri Alaa,

Cast: Niloufar, Morteza Ahmadi, Farshid Farzan, Fereshteh Feizi, Giti Forouhar,

Director of Photography: Shokrollah Rafi'ei,

Akbar's Path
Akbar's Path (1972)

Akbar goes from Bandar-Abbas to Tehran in order to attend his brother's wedding, only to find that the latter is killed in a fight revolving around a girl. The murderer is also killed by the police. Akbar realizes that t...

Run Time: 1h31' . Release: 1972

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mohammadali Zarandi,

Cast: Shahnaz, Touraj, Farzin, Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Iran Daftari,

Director of Photography: Shokrollah Rafi'ei,

Qalandar (1972)

"Ghalandar" is head over heels for his sister and that's why he won't let her marry any other guy. When rumors begin to spread, Ghalandar allows his sister to marry a champion, but under one condition, and that is for th...

Run Time: 1h50' . Release: 1972

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ali Hatami,

Cast: Yadi, Morteza Ahmadi, Mohsen Arastehnia, Jahangir Forouhar, Farangis Forouhar,

Director of Photography: Ahmad Shirazi,

 The Morning of the Fourth Day
The Morning of the Fourth Day (1972)

A young tramp lives his life through pick-pocketing and fraud. He goes everywhere wandering, and finally in the morning of the fourth day, his beloved woman tells to the police his hideout and he is shot dead while tryin...

Run Time: 1h43' . Release: 1972

Categories: Feature,

Director: Kamran Shirdel,

Cast: Shahrzad, Mohsen Arastehnia, Jalal Pishvaian, Saeed Rad, Hassan Raziani,

Director of Photography: Jamshid Alvandi,

Repentance (1972)

Mashallah Riznaghsh and Asghar Dast Ghashang, who are truck drivers, are acquainted with Zari Khanum as a new tenant of Mashallah's mother. Mashallah falls in love with Zari and propose her. Zari has been a singer in a c...

Run Time: 1h48' . Release: 1972


Director: Esmaeel Poursaeed,

Cast: Carmen, Mohammad Abdi, Siamak Atlasi, Giti Forouhar, Farangis Forouhar,

Director of Photography: Gholamreza (Reza) Mojaveri,

The Cunning Reza
The Cunning Reza (1972)

Trying to provide for his marrige with his beloved girl as soon as possible, Reza turns to deceit and defraud. This finally leads him to jail. But after making sure that he gets punished, the girl helps Reza to get out o...

Run Time: 1h25' . Release: 1972

Categories: Feature,

Director: Hossein Torabi,

Cast: Nosratollah Dastmardi, Ghodratollah Entezami, Simin Ghaffari, Mohsen Ghobadi, Aliakbar Mahdavifar,

Director of Photography: Behrooz Sayyadi,

Madam Ahou's Husband
Madam Ahou's Husband (1968)

Ahou's husband is an honest and well respected baker. He meets a lonely and wandered widow called Homa in his bakery.After a while, he marries her and takes her to his home as his second wife. But Homa's presence in his...

Run Time: 1h35' . Release: 1968

Categories: Feature,

Director: Davoud Molapour,

Cast: Hossein Eshragh, Adile Eshragh, Giti Forouhar, Farrokhlegha Houshmand, Morteza Kashani,

Director of Photography: Vanoosh Vartanian,

The Ascension
The Ascension (1987)

Shahab Afshar Panah is a mountaineer who decides to open a new route on the Alam-Kooh wall, one of the world's tallest walls. For this, he chooses a few climber friends and forms a group. But while practicing, some peopl...

Run Time: 1h22' . Release: 1987

Categories: Feature,

Director: Fereydoun Jeyrani,

Cast: Reza Efati, Bijan Emkanian, Hamidreza Ghotbi, Mohammad Ghouchani, Sadegh Hatafi,

Director of Photography: Reza Jalali,

The Hunt
The Hunt (1987)

A truck carrying meats goes from South to Tehran. The truck driver tries to get to Tehran as soon as possible, for his wife is about to give birth. In the way, a person who is escaping gets into the truck. The police is...

Run Time: 1h47' . Release: 1987

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mohammad Javanmard,

Cast: Ali Aghajanian, Enayatollah Bakhshi, Moharam Basim, Gholamali Dortaj, Nematollah Gorji,

Director of Photography: Bergroni Baghousian,

Simorgh (1987)

Sadegh Haghighi is one of those people who travel to Kuwait, Muscat and Tyre and other lands with an illusion of achieving great successes. He tries to cross the sea illegally, but he gets arrested in the Gulf of Oman an...

Run Time: 1h43' . Release: 1987

Categories: Feature,

Director: Akbar Sadeghi,

Cast: Bijan Emkanian, Sadegh Hatafi, Jamshid Layegh, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Bahram Mohammadi,

Director of Photography: Alireza Zarrindast,

Shadows of Grief
Shadows of Grief (1987)

Two cousins marry together in order to fulfill the dreams of two brothers who wish to have grandchildren. The dreams of the two families are far fetched, and the woman cannot fulfill this dream. The two families go throu...

Run Time: 1h34' . Release: 1987

Categories: Feature,

Director: Shapour Gharib,

Cast: Reza Arefan, Tooran Ghaderi, Khosro Ghanbari, Alireza Gharib, Hossein Giti,

Director of Photography: Farajollah Heydari,

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