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Hassan Ghaffari

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The Great Chance
The Great Chance (1965)

A young man travels to Tehran to inherit his uncle's wealth. There is another young man who looks like him alot. A group of criminals take the advantage of this subject and try to possess this wealth, but the young man,...

Run Time: 1h53' . Release: 1965

Categories: Feature,

Director: Shokrollah Rafi'ei,

Cast: Shahin, Allahyari, Mohsen Arastehnia, Mahmoud Bahar, Pouri Banaei,

Director of Photography: Shokrollah Rafi'ei,

Baba Kuhi
Baba Kuhi (1969)

A girl has been in love with her cousin since she was a child. She tries a lot to help her cousin to achieve the things he wants including his beloved girl. Yet the cousin is ungrateful to the girl's dedications and hurt...

Run Time: 1h33' . Release: 1969

Categories: Feature,

Director: Davoud Molapour,

Cast: Mahboubeh, Namjoo, Khosro Farzin, Hassan Ghaffari, Laleh Jazayeri,

Director of Photography: Reza Mojaveri,

Mr. Muchul
Mr. Muchul (1966)

Aqa Muchul is a stunner who amuses kids in their neighbourhood. He lives in a house which its landlord is Mirza Jabbar and their other renters are a man and his wife who live with their daughter. Aqa Muchul, who can't af...

Run Time: 1h26' . Release: 1966

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mehdi Amir Ghasemkhani,

Cast: Yuri, Hassan Ghaffari, Fariba Khatami, Hamideh (Nadereh) Kheirabadi, Ezatollah Moghbeli,

Director of Photography: Mehdi Amir Ghasemkhani,