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Weaked Girl
Weaked Girl (1972)

A girl is deceived by a boy and ends up commiting suicide. The young man wants to redress the situation and asks her to marry him, but her dogmatic brothers wrangle over the issue and everything becomes even worse.

Run Time: 1h34' . Release: 1972

Categories: Feature,

Director: Naser Rafat,

Cast: Peyman, Marjan, Mohammad Banki, Abdollah Butimar, Ebrahim Fakhar,

Director of Photography: Naser Rafat,

The Ambuscade
The Ambuscade (1987)

During an operation by the Iranian forces during the Iran-Iraq war, the commander Torabi is injured in a water conduit and dies at the hospital. The reason of his death is two bullets shot from behind. Major Jalayer is s...

Run Time: 1h32' . Release: 1987

Categories: Feature,

Director: Hossein Ghasemivand, Mahmoud Koushan,

Cast: Kazem Afrandnia, Javad Arefian, Asghar Ashouri, Mohammad Banki, Asghar Banki,

Director of Photography: Jamshid Alvandi,

Weeds (2001)

Lieutenant Farid Kazemi, the agent of the police station, is seeking to find the motivations of the murderer of an old acquaintance named Ferydoon Maleki. Ali Maleki reveales some facts about a criminal group in a letter...

Run Time: 1h29' . Release: 2001

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ghodratollah Solh Mirzaei,

Cast: Mostafa Abbasi, Sepideh Abdi, Mahshid Afsharzadeh, Hooman Akhavan, Mahmoud Ardalan,

Director of Photography: Mojtaba Rahimi,

Devil's Court
Devil's Court (1970)

Javad saves Parvin from an accident which leads to a love between them. Parvin's brother, Amir, is opposed to the relationship between his sister and Javad. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Javad is the son of their father...

Run Time: 1h37' . Release: 1970

Categories: Feature,

Director: Manouchehr Ghasemi,

Cast: Shahin, Yadi, Sima, Mohsen Arastehnia, Mohammad Banki,

Director of Photography: Naser Rafat,

Strange (1973)

Following a plot, two sons of a champion are separated from each other and have grown up in opposite ways. After years, one of the brothers makes a girl wandered. The other brother finds the girl and marries her. The evi...

Run Time: 1h41' . Release: 1973

Categories: Feature,

Director: Gholamreza Sarkoob,

Cast: Morteza Aghili, Mohammad Banki, Lida Daneshvar, Bahman Mofid, Shoukat (Zhaleh) (Jaleh) Olov,

Director of Photography: Naser Rafat,

Escape from Death
Escape from Death (1973)

A sister and brother are separated from each other after the death of their parents. The girl grows up in a good family, but the boy ends up as a burglar. After many years, the sister and her brother meet together, and t...

Run Time: 1h37' . Release: 1973

Categories: Feature,

Director: Naser Mohammadi,

Cast: Haleh, Ali Azad, Mohammad Banki, Abdollah Butimar, Sattar (Firouz) Dadashpour Haris,

Director of Photography: Reza Anjomruz,

I Love You, Mom
I Love You, Mom (1975)

A young man kills a person unintentionally, and his wife surrenders herself to the police and goes to jail. The young man goes abroad to use his scholarship. His son also lives with his uncle. After years, when the mothe...

Run Time: 1h51' . Release: 1975

Categories: Feature,

Director: Dariush Koushan,

Cast: , Mohammad Banki, Farideh Bayat, Mohammad Ghavami, Ali Miri,

Director of Photography: Hassan Mahd Yadegar,

A Rebellious Man
A Rebellious Man (1975)

In order to provide for his son's wedding, Ali decides to work for Ghader and his men and carry heroin for them. While he is carrying some heroin, he sees the police and thinks of being pursued by them, so he throws away...

Run Time: 1h39' . Release: 1975

Categories: Feature,

Director: Sirus Ghahramani,

Cast: Malusak, Sirus Afhami, Mohammad Banki, Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Ali Miri,

Director of Photography: Hossein Ghasemivand,

The Last Chance
The Last Chance (1989)

In a village with Arab residents near Khoozestan a number of explosions occur which scare the villagers. Later it's figured out that the reason behind these explosions is that the enemies worried about the Islamic revolu...

Run Time: 1h38' . Release: 1989

Categories: Feature,

Director: Parviz Taeidi,

Cast: Rahim Abbaszadeh, Kazem Afrandnia, Mohammad Albufish, Reza Albufish, Khaled Arab,

Director of Photography: Farajollah Heydari,

The Miserable One
The Miserable One (1976)

Shahrzad, who does not want to marry Hormuz, being affected by a young man's temptations, named Farhad, who apparently loves her. She escapes from her house and her family. The truth will come out soon, and this is when...

Run Time: 1h34' . Release: 1976

Categories: Feature,

Director: Abbas Kassaei,

Cast: Shahnaz, Morteza Aghili, Mohammad Banki, Sattar (Firouz) Dadashpour Haris, Giti Forouhar,

Director of Photography: Gholamreza (Reza) Mojaveri,

Samandar (1985)

Years ago, the riders of Torkaman Sahra used to compete with each other in order to win the right to use the pastures. Farkhan and Solat always won the competition alternatively by hiring professional riders. Farkhan has...

Run Time: 2h0' . Release: 1985

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mahmoud Koushan,

Cast: Nouri Cooklan, Faramarz Gharibian, Soraya Hekmat, Javad Khakshur, Valiollah Shirandami,

Director of Photography: Reza Banki,

Hasanak (1992)

Hasanak is a kind boy who lives in a village along with his grandparents. A selfish witch has converted some of the villagers into stone, including Hasanak's parents. Hasanak decides to perish the witch along with a baby...

Run Time: 1h23' . Release: 1992

Categories: Feature,

Director: Zahra Mahahsti Badi'ei,

Cast: Rashid Aslani, Manouchehr Aslani, Mehdi Ebrahimi, Tooran Ghaderi, Maryam Ghasemi,

Director of Photography: Mahmoud Koushan,

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