Mahmoud Haghighi

Mahmoud Haghighi

Mahmoud Haghighi

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Afar (2010)

A young man pays a visit to his father after a long period of time.

Run Time: 15'0" . Release: 2010

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Parsa Magham,

Cast: Mahmoud Haghighi,

Director of Photography: Ahmadiara,

Figure (2019)

Ali and Nazanin have two children and live in a small town. Ali works in a dairy farm, and Nazanin grows African violets flowers professionally. Their great daughter, who is an athlete, lives in another city and away fro...

Run Time: 1h26' . Release: 2019

Categories: Feature,

Director: Pouya Parsa Magham,

Cast: Mehran Afshar, Nazanin Farahani, Rastin Ghafouri, Mahmoud Haghighi, Razieh Mansouri,

Director of Photography: